PR Strategy

During my studies in Marketing and Communications for Fashion, my skills within PR Strategy were developed on exponentially from an academic and a professional standpoint. 

  • Press Releases: Both as part of my studies and as part of my role as Junior PR Assistant, writing and formatting press releases were a regular responsibility. This meant writing the copy, inputting the correct imagery, contact details and style to meet the brands needs.  

  • Desk Drops: I have worked on weekly desk drops as part of a PR Agency in order to generate interest of new product releases in the luxury, fashion and beauty sectors. This included tracking stock, packaging parcels to an exceptional standard, organising shipments and tracking media coverage as a result. 

  • Event Management: I have worked on a number of launch events for both new markets and new products. The skills that I have developed in this arena include guest list management, venue outreach and communications, idea generation and acting as a brand ambassador for a variety of clients. 

  • Media Coverage: A regular responsibility for a number of different roles I have had previously included generating, monitoring and analysing media coverage for brands. This included formulating the data into feedback reports to present to other team members and clients that will allow us to realign strategic direction as a result and determine the success of a campaign. 

  • Data Analytics: Analysing data was a regular responsibility within a number of different roles that gives insight into brand awareness, media coverage and consumer response to different campaigns. This meant that the PR strategy was consistently aligned to what generated success and growth.