Digital marketing

Due to the extensive experience I have had in Social Media and PR, my overall skillset within digital marketing has been well established. 

  • ROI: From a number of campaigns and projects I have worked on it has been key to determine the ROI of the marketing activities both before and after completion. This enables the team to understand the success of the promotions for the brand in a quantifiable form. 

  • Data Analytics: During both professional practice and an extra Google certified qualification I have completed, my skills within data analytics hold extreme value. I am able to analyse and understand big data sets in order to break them down into bite size information to feedback. 

  • Campaign Insights: Tracking campaign insights is an even more niche way of analysing data, specific to that of digital campaigns. From both Facebook and Instagram, I am able to understand the value of a campaign and give a formulated feedback reports to key stakeholders showcasing the key data. 

  • Influencer Outreach: Influencer outreach has been key within multiple of my roles, working alongside and communicating with international digital creators to promote brand awareness. Being able to provide exceptional written and verbal communication on behalf of a brand is vital. I have worked with a number of content creators, makeup artists, stylists and TV personalities.  

  • SEO: SEO is a skill I have proactively developed in my own time in order to bring extra value to any role. Ensuring that any content I create is able to be used to generate traffic, online growth and organic views enables me to stand out as a digital marketeer. Understanding the key and advanced principles of SEO will be advantageous to any role I undertake.